Welcome to 2nd grade Bunnies!
We are quite a happy bunch!

We live in Bucharest, Romania - that would be in Eastern Europe. We speak Romanian, a language very similar with Italian.

This is our school - Mark Twain International School.
Check out our classroom here.
This is our wiki! We blog on Kidblog.org (which due to school policies is not public).Check it out and use any links you wish!wiki.jpg

Our school has two campuses. The one below - composed of three buildings, a swimming pool, a playground - is for preK to grade 4.The students painted the walls and the windows with the help of the Art teacher.They also planted flowers and trees and insisted we have recycling bins after they had studied the effects of littering and pollution.We believe that kids can become agents of change in their school community if they are given the opportunity! :)