Mrs. Frazier's Friends from Ohio, USA~Welcome Global Friends!

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This year our classroom created a very EXCITING project to connect our classroom with classrooms all over the world! ~Global Classroom 2011. To learn more about our Global Classroom and our global friends see The Dream…The Global Classroom page.

A bit about us~
Our classroom teacher is Mrs. Frazier and Miss Ross (student teacher)We travel to school via school bus, parents cars, walking, or sometimes even by bike!Our school year is August-June, we go to school 6 hours a day. Our Elementary school has grades kindergarten through fifth grade.We wear our regular clothes to school, jeans, t-shirt and tennis shoes.We are a neighborhood school and have 560 kids in our school! We have five first grade classrooms!

Here's our day at a glance!
Our school day begins at 8:50 am and ends at 3:30 pm
When students arrive they begin independent reading and socializing
Morning Meeting (share upcoming events of the day, discuss questions or concerns as a class)
Read Aloud
Reader's Workshop
Word Study
Writer's Workshop
Lunch/ Recess
Math Message
Read Aloud
Math Workshop
Special (art, music or physical education)
Science/Social Studies
Pack-up Dismissal

Our Classroom

Busy readers at Reader's Workshop

Busy writers at Writers Workshop
Busy thinking in Math Workshop

In our classroom, technology is a natural part of our day. S8000081.JPGS8000120.JPGS8000795.JPGS8000631.JPGS8000122.JPG

We use Shelfari to help us keep track of all the books we have read. After each read aloud a student post the book on Shelfari to share with parents and other classrooms.

We use Kid Blog to chat with our school friends! (Kid Blog is private due to school policy)


We use VoiceThread to extend our thinking, our time and our Classroom!

Our thoughts on the weekly book winner~

Erik and Travis share a new game Erik created~

Connecting with classrooms across the US with Poetry Tag~